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Custom music for art openings

Kat Epple composes music to accompany visual art for art show openings. The professional studio-recorded music can be played back as a background or foreground loop in the museum or gallery to create a unique, custom ambience that was created especially for the artworks. Kat Epple composes the music as she views the art from that particular artist’s upcoming art show and describes the artworks using whichever musical style and sounds that are well-suited for the particular style of art. Instruments used include acoustic musical instruments such as flutes, guitars, piano, native instruments, violins, voice, plus synthesizers, samplers, symphony orchestra, electronic music, sound effects, nature sounds, World Music, environmental sounds, cityscapes, and more. Additionally, the music can also be used to accompany the catalog and website. Kat Epple has composed music for art show openings for artists Bob Rauschenberg (Europe and US), Ronnie Ford (Scotland and Singapore), Darryl Pottorf (US), and more.

Kat Epple, film score composer and founding member of the classic synth band, Emerald Web

Professional composer, Kat Epple is a Peabody, Edward R Murrow, and Emmy Award-winning musician, and has released 33 music albums internationally. Her film scores include: National Geographic, Nova, CNN, Valentino Fashion Runway Show, The History Channel, The Travel Channel, PBS, and more. Kat Epple has performed at venues such as Museum of Modern Art (NYC), US National Gallery, The United Nations, Palazzo dei Diamanti Museum, Italy, London’s Union Chapel, and at Guggenheim Museums around the world.  For over twenty years, Kat Epple performed music for international openings internationally for her friend, legendary visual artist, Robert Rauschenberg.  She travels throughout the world collecting flutes from other cultures which she often incorporates in her original compositions.

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A Magic Carpet Ride Around the World with Flutes

Book your  “Magic Carpet Ride Around the World with Flutes” today!

Kat Epple is available to perform this fun, interesting, informative concert/presentation. Contact Kat at to schedule a performance in your home  or concert venue.

Composer Kat Epple with her collection of World Flutes on which she performs. Photo by Burnell Caldwell
Composer Kat Epple with her collection of World Flutes on which she performs. Photo by Burnell Caldwell

Composer, flutist, storyteller, and lecturer, Kat Epple, will talk about, and perform an informal concert on indigenous flutes that she has collected from her extensive travels around the world. As the sound of her flutes transport the audience to exotic locales, Kat describes these destinations, their traditional music, and recounts some of her fascinating musical adventures.

“This is definitely not a flute recital! It is fun, interesting, informative, and sometimes hilarious!”

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Emmy and Peabody Award-winning musician Kat Epple, has performed in concert at The Kat Epple flutes presentationGuggenheim Museums, London’s Union Chapel, NY Museum of Modern Art, The United Nations, and in concert venues around the world. Kat has released 33 albums of original music and composes music for television, museums, and film, including “National Geographic”, Hong Kong Science Museum, PBS, CNN, and ”Nova”.  She practices healing, celebration, meditation, and the magic of music.