Kat Epple in concert in Seattle, WA

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Kat Epple in concert: world flutes and unique music
Saturday, August 27 · 7:30pm - 10:00pm
SeattleSign.jpgKat Epple live in concert Seattle

An informal concert of unique original music on flutes from around the world, by Emmy Award-winning, Peabody Award-winning, and Grammy-nominated flutist and composer, Kat Epple. http://www.katepple.com/

Kat will play some of the flutes collected from her extensive travels, perform music from her 25 internationally released music albums, and television musical scores such as “National Geographic” and “Nova”.
Special guest musicians from a variety of musical styles will be joining in for an exciting second set.

Kat Epple will be visiting Seattle for only a couple of days, and this is her only scheduled performance in the area.

It will be a unique and FUN evening.
Bring your favorite beverage and arrive at 7:30 to socialize. Concert starts at 8:00.
WSBC Kat in Seattle 325.JPG


Performing in Washington DC

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Kat Epple at the Corcoran Museum Kat Epple performed at the Corcoran Museum on May 20, 2011 as a part of the “Power of the Arts” reception for Lab School of Washington event.


Performing in New York City

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Kat Epple performed for September Concerts Foundation Fundraiser Gala at the gallery and chapel of artist Bob Rauschenberg in NYC. The event took place on May 5, 2011. September Concerts Foundation Fundraiser Gala September Concerts2.jpg
It was a beautiful venue. Here are some photos taken by Gary Neiheisel
SeptConcertKatEpple.jpg Gala in Robert Rauschenberg's chapel and gallery in NYC Bob Rauschenberg's chapel raisetheroof2.jpg Gary Neiheisel and Robert Rauschenberg's artwork
After the gala


Kat Epple will be performing with Devin Townsend Project

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Kat Epple will be performing with the Devin Townsend Project at the 2011 winter NAMM show. This will be the premiere of DTP’s new album, “Ghost” on which Kat played flutes, EWI, and bawu, with amazing and legendary, guitarist/composer, Devin Townsend.
Devin Townsend

January 13, 2011 at 1:00PM and 3:00 PM
Ampeg Stage, 209AB (Level 2)
Anaheim Convention Hall
Anaheim, California


Kat Epple will be performing with Sonic Combine and Cunningham Dance Company at Art Basel Miami 2010

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The Merce Cunningham Dance Company: The Legacy Tour
“Sonic Combine” (Kat Epple, Laurence Getford, and Lawrence Voytek) will be performing live original music with John King and the Merce Cunningham Dance Company as a part of Art Basel Miami 2010.

Thursday, December 2, 2010, 7pm
Immerse yourself in Merce!
Merce Cunningham
Choreographer Merce Cunningham and visual artist Robert Rauschenberg: Two undisputed giants of American culture. See their iconoclastic work from every angle and perspective in an astonishing 360-degree event—created especially for Miami— that re-imagines their legendary mid-20th Century collaborations.

First, you’ll encounter a new site-specific installation by Daniel Arsham, constructed in the theater’s auditorium. Then you’ll proceed on to the stage itself where, on three large multi-level sets, 14 dancers, wearing original Rauschenberg-designed costumes, perform Cunningham’s dazzling choreography.

Experience this once-in-a-lifetime tribute to the Cunningham/Rauschenberg legacy as few ever will—in an unforgettably intimate 30-minute piece that shatters all the conventions of a night out at the theater.


September Concerts

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Kat Epple will be performing in New York City as a part of “The September Concert” - a celebration of peace and humanity through music
Kat will be performing with 2 incredible musicians, Lawrence Zoernig and Inbal Sharritt:

Performances include:


September 10th 2010, 6.00pm-8.00pm. Free access
Location: The Gabarron Foundation-Carriage House Center for the Arts
149 E 38th Street, New York, NY 10016

New York, NY, September 7th, 2010. Next September 10th 2010 at 6.00pm, The Gabarron Foundation-Carriage House Center for the Arts in loving memory of the victims of the terrorist attacks in New York on September 11th 2001, has organized a recital by the cellist Lawrence Zoernig, the flutist Kat Epple, and the opera singer Inbal Sharett. We are pleased to present a captivating mix of instrumental improvisation for flute and cello and vocal selections with instrumental accompaniment, including some songs from Israel.

We organize our fourth concert as member of The September Concert Foundation’s initiative. This institution promotes from 2002 free concerts in all areas of our city, our nation, our world, for the sole purpose of organizing them in remembrance of September 11th and spread a message of peace through music on every anniversary.

The Gabarron Foundation-Carriage House Center for the Arts is a non-profit institution and an exclusive international center specialized in art exhibitions and other cultural activities. From 2002, our main objective has been promoting the exchange and understanding between Spanish and American cultures, becoming to be an excellent platform to spread both and consolidating the ties that bond us.
press@gabarron.org // Tel: 212.573.6968 ext. 10

6:00PM Gabarron Foundation Carriage House Center for the Arts
149 East 38th Street
(Bet. Lexington & 3rd ave.)
New York NY, 10016

Lawrence Zoernig and Kat Epple at the United NationsFriday Sept 10, 2010
12:00 noon- 1:00PM
World Financial Center Winter Garden,
1 World Trade Ctr
New York, NY 10001


Saturday, Sept 11, 2010

8:00 PM The September Concert Foundation 2nd Annual Gala Cocktail and Dinner Reception. Atrium at The Olympic Tower, 645 Fifth Avenue (Entrance on E 52nd St) $250 reservations: 212.333.3399

Sunday, Sept 12, 2010

12:00 noon - Time Warner Stage at Columbus Circle

All concerts are free except for the gala.


Music for museum exhibits and tours

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Kat Epple specializes in creating custom music for museum exhibitions, gallery installations, educational presentations, museum guided tour, art museums, archaeological documentaries, and historical tours. Featuring historical period music, dramatic passages, regional, interpretive, and ethnic instruments. The authentic, quality, and appropriate original music is composed to be used as background and foreground music in headset, headphone and amplified speaker systems. Interesting original music complements and enhances the voice over and helps to make the content more interesting and fun. Kat Epple music productions can work within a tight budget and time deadlines. A professional, digital, audio soundtrack can be delivered in whatever file format is required. Buy music or commission music for museum tour. Some of the museums and galleries featuring Ms. Epple’s music are: Metropolitan Museum of Art, Florida Natural History Museum, Randell Research Institute, Useppa Island Historical Society, Alliance for the Arts, Imaginarium, Art of the Olympians, Guggenheim Museum, and The Nature Conservancy.
Ringling1069 ©KatEpple.jpg
Emmy Award-winning, Peabody Award-winning, and Grammy-nominated composer and flutist, Kat Epple, has performed at the Guggenheim Museum, Metropolitan Museum, United Nations, and the National Gallery. She has released 23 CDs of original music, and composes music for television, including “National Geographic”, PBS, CNN, “Nova”, and “Guiding Light”.
Kat Epple website
Contact at: Music@KatEpple.com


Music for promotional packages of spa, resort, massage, meditation, yoga retreats, motivational workshops

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Earth Spring by Frank Smith and Kat Epple
One hour of music specifically created for release as a cd album for spas, massage studios, resorts, etc. This beautiful professionally produced, relaxing music can be licensed by spas, massage studios, resorts, etc., with their corporate logo, contact info, photos, and text info.
Here are some examples of CD albums cover ideas:
Tranquility Hideaway Ringling1069 ©KatEpple.jpg Listen to musical examples
All instrumental music.

Azure Pieces of Life
Tranquility Hideaway

Listen to other examples


Enchanted Nature Music: Kat Epple, flute, and DL Turner, harp, in concert under the stars at the breathtaking Happehatchee Center

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Spellbinding music on flutes and harp on a beautiful “old” Florida landscape, in a serene Southwest Florida oasis.
Some of the music, inspired by the natural beauty of SW Florida, will be created especially for this pristine, natural setting.
“Stepping onto this land is like entering a lost, secret world of natural beauty, enveloping body, mind and spirit.”

September 19, 2009 at 7PM, $15 admission

Happehatchee Center
Estero, Florida
8791 Corkscrew Rd.
Call 239 206 4393

Refreshments and seating available, or bring your own.Peacesteps.jpg

Kat Epple and DL
Emmy Award-winning, and Grammy-nominated composer and flutist, Kat Epple, has traveled throughout the world, collecting flutes from other cultures and will be performing on some of those unique instruments this evening. She has performed at the Guggenheim Museums and the National Gallery, has released 23 CDs of original music, and composes and produces music for television, including “National Geographic” and “PBS Nova”.

Harpist and composer, DL “Harpo” Turner, sweeps across the strings of his Hand-Made instrument “The Rose Crystal Harp”, to create a powerful and evocative musical poetry — rich, profound and deeply emotional. He has released many CDs of his own original music, and produces albums for other musicians in many styles

It was a beautiful evening. We had the equipment all set up and soundchecked, then the rain started. We packed it all back up and out of the rain. At 6:30, the rain stopped, and we set it up again, very quickly. The audience was patient with our late start.
DL Turner and Kat Epple in concert at Happehatchee Center

Wonderwhirl Hoopers Tribe performed with their hoops.
Wonderwhirl Hoopers Tribe

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