Performing in New York City

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Kat Epple performed for September Concerts Foundation Fundraiser Gala at the gallery and chapel of artist Bob Rauschenberg in NYC. The event took place on May 5, 2011. September Concerts Foundation Fundraiser Gala September Concerts2.jpg
It was a beautiful venue. Here are some photos taken by Gary Neiheisel
SeptConcertKatEpple.jpg Gala in Robert Rauschenberg's chapel and gallery in NYC Bob Rauschenberg's chapel raisetheroof2.jpg Gary Neiheisel and Robert Rauschenberg's artwork
After the gala


Solstice Concert Cruise

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to benefit the Randell Research Center.

December 21, 2010. $65 per person
Call for more info and reservations: 239.472.5300

Randell Research Center

Captiva Cruises
Captiva Cruise's  Lady Chadwick

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Review of Sonic Combine performance Miami Art Basel

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Arsht Performance Hall in Miami
This Article appeared in the Miami Herald: Sonic Combine performs with Cunningham Dance Company
Cunningham Dance Company at Arsht Performance Hall in Miami

With the audience on stage, it’s real `Event’


Merce Cunningham may have died a year and a half ago, his dances are still vividly, confoundingly alive. The Event that the Merce Cunningham Dance Company performed at the Adrienne Arsht Center Thursday night brought to exhilarating life the value Cunningham placed on looking and listening — heightening your awareness to deliciously disorienting heights.

A Cunningham Event is a collage of sections from different dances, and each one is different. The Event staged here in Miami, part of the MCDC’s final, worldwide Legacy Tour and repeating twice a night through Saturday, was layered with other unique factors. The audience streamed into the Ziff Ballet Opera House to find the orchestra seats filled with a towering pyramid of white cubes and globes, a sculptural “set'’ created by artist Daniel Arsham. Instead of sitting in the plush seats, the audience stands on the cavernous, exposed stage, surrounding the 13 dancers performing on three large stage areas, one sunken, one at floor level, one a low platform, arranged in a sort of giant cloverleaf pattern.

The sense of anticipation and uncertainty starts even before the performance — where should you stand? Look? The score played by musicians Kat Epple, Laurence Getfored, John King and Lawrence Voytek, seated around the perimeter, bounces and echoes from speakers also ringing the stage, yawning, eerie, sweetly ricocheting sounds. Christine Shallenberg’s harsh white lights illuminate the towering black walls as much as the performance areas.
Once the splendid dancers stride in and begin, things become even more dizzying. Clad in brightly colored unitards designed by Robert Rauschenberg, they dance simultaneously in all three stage areas, in shifting, self-contained worlds of dancing. Everywhere you look you see movement — serene Andrea Weber lifted up and over by a quartet of men, a woman slowly tilting into arabesque, a hopping trio, a leg slashing up here, a head turned there — and you see it through the bodies and heads of the audience, drifting and walking, blocking your view of one stage, framing another. Surrounded by echoing sound and moving limbs, you find yourself more aware — as if the whole, enormous space were a kind of performing bubble.

Sometimes the sections of dancing seemed coordinated: three trios taking place simultaneously. There seemed to be more lifts on the sunken stage, raising your awareness of the towering height of the ceiling. Daniel Madoff did a section of Totem Ancestor, a jagged solo Cunningham created in 1942, and it still looks fresh and startling.
The dancers seem more human when they’re so close — we see them smile, sweat, catch each other’s eyes, and as they stretch or sit alongside the performance area, waiting to enter, they still seem part of the dance. Everything, in fact, seems part of the dance.

Read more:

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Music for museum exhibits and tours

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Kat Epple specializes in creating custom music for museum exhibitions, gallery installations, educational presentations, museum guided tour, art museums, archaeological documentaries, and historical tours. Featuring historical period music, dramatic passages, regional, interpretive, and ethnic instruments. The authentic, quality, and appropriate original music is composed to be used as background and foreground music in headset, headphone and amplified speaker systems. Interesting original music complements and enhances the voice over and helps to make the content more interesting and fun. Kat Epple music productions can work within a tight budget and time deadlines. A professional, digital, audio soundtrack can be delivered in whatever file format is required. Buy music or commission music for museum tour. Some of the museums and galleries featuring Ms. Epple’s music are: Metropolitan Museum of Art, Florida Natural History Museum, Randell Research Institute, Useppa Island Historical Society, Alliance for the Arts, Imaginarium, Art of the Olympians, Guggenheim Museum, and The Nature Conservancy.
Ringling1069 ©KatEpple.jpg
Emmy Award-winning, Peabody Award-winning, and Grammy-nominated composer and flutist, Kat Epple, has performed at the Guggenheim Museum, Metropolitan Museum, United Nations, and the National Gallery. She has released 23 CDs of original music, and composes music for television, including “National Geographic”, PBS, CNN, “Nova”, and “Guiding Light”.
Kat Epple website
Contact at:


The September Concert Benefit Dinner at the United Nations

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This event went beautifully. Here is a photo.Lawrence Zoernig and Kat Epple in concert at the United Nations

I will be performing with cellist, Lawrence Zoernig, and vocalist, Inbal Sharett at a benefit for The September Concert Foundation hosted by The Robert Rauschenberg Foundation.
Friday, September 11, 2009 at 9:00. Cocktails served from 8:30 PM
at the United Nations Delegates Room
1 United Nations Plaza, New York City
Benefactor $10,000 (table for ten)
Patron $5,000 (table for ten)
Supporter ticket(s) $250 (one individual ticket)

Checks payable to The September Concert Foundation
10 West 56 St, New York, NY 10019
Online via PayPal at (click on Benefit)



Planet Earth 2.0

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I attended Tiite’s art opening and presentation of his Planet Earth 2.0 concept. It was an inspiring event, and incredible artist, Tiite, explained his concept for a new operating system for the Earth, and for humankind. The event was well-attended, and our hosts created a beautiful, elegant event.

I performed “Prelude to World Peace” on bass flute for this extraordinary celebration.
Planet Earth 2.0

Here is how Tiite described the event:


— “Birth of Planet Earth 2.0″ event and exhibit takes place in the salon of Frame Gallery and Gift at 1830 Del Prado Blvd., Cape Coral Florida on Saturday, August 29, 2009 at 7:00 p.m.

[Aug. 26] - Worldwide Peace Marker Project Artist Ambassador for The United States, Kat Epple, will perform her original composition titled “Prelude to World Peace” at the “Birth of Planet Earth 2.0″ event Saturday.
For those of you who will be participating from “cyberspace” stay tuned for the follow-up video.

[Aug. 24th] - Two new social media components of Planet Earth 2.0 make their debut today. Tiité posts the first entry in our new Planet Earth 2.0 Blog. Titled “Calendar of Dreams” the short essay references his new painting of the same name. He writes in part, “…you can schedule your own dreams now that we have a calendar of dreams to do so.” Read more and leave comments at
In concert with the new blog, our new Flickr image site, “Planet Earth 2.0 Art” is unveiled. This site debuts with “Calendar of Dreams,” the first of a series of large scale, down-loadable and printable copies of new key works by Tiité. You can access our new image site simply by clicking on the illustrations as they appear in our blog… or, directly, through this link: and


Memorial service for drummer, Jim Chapin

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I attended Jim Chapin’s memorial celebration in Fort Myers, Florida July 13, 2009. Jim was a ground-breaking drummer, and a friend of mine. Jim’s son, well known musician, Tom Chapin spoke at the service, about his Dad, and he played guitar and sang, “All My Life’s a Circle”, which is a song his brother, Harry Chapin wrote.


Travels in Switzerland

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The trip from Venice to St Moritz included a few wrong turns in Brescia, in Northern Italy. After that, we traveled past beautiful Lago d’Iseo, a place I would like to visit some time when I have more time to enjoy it. Lago d'Iseo in Northern Italy

I enjoyed hiking in Switzerland with my friends Barbara and Jose, although they were much more accustomed to the altitude than I was.
hiking in Switzerland Hiking in Switzerland


Venice Italy sites and performance

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Kat performed at the Peggy Guggenheim Museum
I performed on the rooftop terrace at the Peggy Guggenheim Museum in Venice Italy. The amplified speakers were aimed both toward the Guggenheim courtyard where the event was to take place, and toward the Grand Canal, so that the guests would hear the sound of the flute and could see me above on the roof, as they arrived in boats and water taxis. So the flute echoed and wafted across the busy canal as all manner of water vessels passed by. As I continued to play, I received all sorts of responses to my music. One boat load of tourists pointed at me high above on the rooftop, and cheered and whistled. As the vaporetto (water bus) chugged by, many of the passengers applauded. My favorite response was as the gondolas floated by, several of the gondoliers answered back with operatic passages. It was quite the jam session!
Peggy Guggenheim Museum and gondola
It was for the Robert Rauschenberg opening for the “Gluts” show, and for his memorial celebration. The new director of the Guggenheim Foundation, Richard Armstrong, spoke at the event. Kat Epple and Richard Armstrong

The museum is located on the Grand Canal.

Grand Canal

That weekend, there was a boat parade and regatta. No motorized boats were allowed on the Grand Canal. It was a beautiful day, and it was nice and quiet without boat motors.
More boat parade

Although, it made it impossible to catch a water bus (vaporetto)
boats on the canal

There were many beautiful sites and events.
Venice, Italy
Venice Masks


anchovies and arugula

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I went to a birthday party on sanibel last night. It was beautiful! Gorgeous house on the beach, many beautiful children running like deer, good friends, and pizza made to order, fresh from the wood burning pizza oven. I chose anchovies and arugula!