Enchanted Nature Music: Kat Epple, flute, and DL Turner, harp, in concert under the stars at the breathtaking Happehatchee Center

Posted on September 9th, 2009 by Kat.
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Spellbinding music on flutes and harp on a beautiful “old” Florida landscape, in a serene Southwest Florida oasis.
Some of the music, inspired by the natural beauty of SW Florida, will be created especially for this pristine, natural setting.
“Stepping onto this land is like entering a lost, secret world of natural beauty, enveloping body, mind and spirit.”

September 19, 2009 at 7PM, $15 admission

Happehatchee Center
Estero, Florida
8791 Corkscrew Rd.
Call 239 206 4393

Refreshments and seating available, or bring your own.Peacesteps.jpg

Kat Epple and DL
Emmy Award-winning, and Grammy-nominated composer and flutist, Kat Epple, has traveled throughout the world, collecting flutes from other cultures and will be performing on some of those unique instruments this evening. She has performed at the Guggenheim Museums and the National Gallery, has released 23 CDs of original music, and composes and produces music for television, including “National Geographic” and “PBS Nova”.

Harpist and composer, DL “Harpo” Turner, sweeps across the strings of his Hand-Made instrument “The Rose Crystal Harp”, to create a powerful and evocative musical poetry — rich, profound and deeply emotional. He has released many CDs of his own original music, and produces albums for other musicians in many styles

It was a beautiful evening. We had the equipment all set up and soundchecked, then the rain started. We packed it all back up and out of the rain. At 6:30, the rain stopped, and we set it up again, very quickly. The audience was patient with our late start.
DL Turner and Kat Epple in concert at Happehatchee Center

Wonderwhirl Hoopers Tribe performed with their hoops.
Wonderwhirl Hoopers Tribe

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Comment on September 22nd, 2009.

The concert that I (Kat Epple) played with DL Turner was in a beautiful old Florida natural wooded setting on the Estero River. The tree frogs were our back-up vocalists. It was a magical night. Happehatchee Center is a green, dripping, mossy, fertile oasis especially this time of year (Sept). Ellen Peterson, the host of the event, and director/owner of the beautiful property is a powerful, inspiring woman who works tirelessly for environmental causes and to protect our rivers and nature.

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