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Posted on September 5th, 2011 by Kat.
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Kat Epple specializes in creating custom music for museum exhibitions, gallery installations, educational presentations, archaeological documentaries, and historical tours. Featuring historical period music, dramatic passages, regional, interpretive, and ethnic instruments. The authentic, quality, and appropriate original music is composed to be used as background and foreground music in headset, headphone and amplified speaker systems. Interesting original music complements and enhances the voice over and helps to make the content more interesting and fun. Kat Epple music productions can work within a tight budget and time deadlines. A professional, digital, audio soundtrack can be delivered in whatever file format is required. Some of the museums and galleries featuring Ms. Epple’s music are: Metropolitan Museum of Art, Florida Natural History Museum, Randell Research Institute, Useppa Island Historical Society, Alliance for the Arts, Imaginarium Children’s Museum, Naples Holocaust Museum, Art of the Olympians, Guggenheim Museum, and The Nature Conservancy.
Bob Rauschenberg's chapel

Emmy Award-winning, Peabody Award-winning, and Grammy-nominated composer and flutist, Kat Epple, has performed at the Guggenheim Museum, Metropolitan Museum, United Nations, and the National Gallery. She has released 23 CDs of original music, and composes music for television, including “National Geographic”, PBS, CNN, “Nova”, and “Guiding Light”.
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