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Posted on November 17th, 2008 by Kat.
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I played flute at the Met Museum of Art for my dear friend Bob Rauschenberg’s NY memorial last night.
As I sat in the “reserved for presenters” row, a tall man walked up to the chair next to me and asked, “May I sit here?” (since I had placed my flute on that chair). I looked up, and it was Bill Clinton! He sat next to me for the entire event! He was on the aisle seat, so he spoke to me the whole time! We sat together for probably an hour and a half! He had planned to leave after he spoke for the event, but when I told him I was playing last on the program, he told his secret service guys that he had a change of plans, and was going to stay through until the end so that he could hear me play!
Kat Epple and former President Bill Clinton
He was so nice, and charismatic, friendly, and a wonderful listener! He held my hand, touched my shoulder, and we whispered back and forth about art, Bob, politics, his time as president, the election….it was very exciting!

Also speaking at the event ¬†were JIm rosenquist, CHuck Close, Ed Schlossberg, Tricia Brown……I was in very good company! It was a lovely event, with many funny Bob stories, a nice reception, and hundreds of people who loved and/or respected Bob and his art.Egyptian Theater at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in NYC

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