Concert at the Arcade Theater 2009

Posted on January 22nd, 2009 by Kat.
Categories: Kat's upcoming concerts.

The concert went really well, and we all had fun! Gary Neiheisel worked with me to create a beautiful lighting design, and had some creative ideas regarding sound. We worked right up to the last minute to get the sound system functioning properly and sounding great. It all fell together at the last minute, thanks to all the techs, musicians, performer, and volunteers. We had a full house and a very attentive audience. The music traveled from elemental solo flute, to smooth jazz, to alternative audio, to impressionistic, to folk, and more.

The party after was a great time too. I knew most everyone, but it was nice to see other people connecting and meeting for the first time.

I will have photos to post later.

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