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Catspaw (Original Release) - 1987

Catspaw (Original Release) - 1987

A captivating blend of shimmering synthesizers and intricate flute passages. Features synthesizers, flutes, Digital sampling and Lyricon. Progressive, ethereal music by Emmy Award-winning artists Kat Epple and Bob Stohl, who made up the group Emerald Web. They augment their sound resources with an entire orchestra of computer and manually-controlled electronic keyboards. Digital orchestrations integrate the sounds of harps, bells, violins, cellos, oboes, percussion and piano. The album is composed of a wide variety of elements from the magical enchantment of the pieces, "Fog" and "Time Particles", to the delicate textures of "Soft Silence the City". This album was released on Larry Fast’s legendary Audion Label which featured some of the finest electronic musicians in the world. It is Emerald Web's 9th album. 

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