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About Kat

Kat Epple

Photo by Burnell Caldwell

Emmy and Peabody Award-winning composer Kat Epple, has released 35 music albums internationally, composes music for film scores, and performs live original music as a solo artist, and with her various ensembles.


Kat Epple's  compositions on keyboard, digital technology, World Flutes, and other acoustic instruments, include a huge variety of musical styles including World Music, New Age, Jazz, Metal, Orchestral Film Scores, Children’s, Electronic Space Music, Native, and Ambient Music.


Kat Epple composes and produces music for television and film scores  for National Geographic, PBS Nova, CNN, Carl Sagan, The Travel Channel, Valentino Fashions, History Channel, HGN, MTV, The Guiding Light, NASA, and Apple Computers, among others.


Founding member of PeaceVisionA Media Company for Peace.

Kat Epple has performed music at Guggenheim Museums, New York Metropolitan Museum of Art, The United Nations,  London’s Union Chapel, Palazzo dei Diamanti, Italy, National Gallery, Africa, and Asia.  For twenty years, legendary visual artist, Robert Rauschenberg commissioned her to perform at his art openings internationally.  In addition to her work as a solo artist, she currently performs and records with The Devin Townsend Project, Emerald Web, Sonic Combine, Katalyst Project, RayDar Kats, and Anthropology Band. She often travels the world collecting flutes from other cultures which she features in her original compositions and performances.

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