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Other Ensembles

Kat Epple Smooth Jazz World Music Band

In addition to the ensembles previously described, Kat Epple also plays with other music combos, including these, and more:







Flute with a keyboardist incorporates new age, Impressionistic, Celtic and classical elements. The music is all original, with a sophisticated ambient sound, and is spellbinding and flowing, with exquisite intricacies, this music can create a perfect relaxed and intimate atmosphere, as the melodies, chords, and textures are unique and complex, and are performed by two accomplished, innovative instrumentalists. Perfect for an art opening, cocktail hour, elegant party, or concert hall. 


The Flute and harp duet Kat Epple and DL Turner cast a charming, artistic ambience with their enchanting flute and harp music. Light jazz, classical, New Age, Celtic, and impressionistic styles, along with compositions from their “Moonlight Garden” album, create enchantment in elegant venues and beautiful natural settings throughout Southwest Florida. 



Kat Epple's Smooth Jazz World Music Band is a more energetic sound, yet it retains a mellow blend, rich in colors and sounds, and incorporates musical elements from around the world. This World Fusion/Smooth Jazz ensemble is perfect for any event where a truly unique, artsy, atmosphere is desired, or for the concert hall. Some of the musical instruments include: celtic flute, Native American flute, African Drums, classical flute, Calusa sounds, Australian Didjeridoo, keyboard, stand-up bass, and bass flute. Their live performance travels musically from a cool Celtic stream,  to the jungles of Africa with their light jazz original instrumental sound.

Flute & Keyboard Demo - Kat Epple
Flute & Harp Demo - Kat Epple
Smooth Jazz World Music Band Demo - Kat Epple

Kat Epple and her band Katalyst Project in concert.

Photo by Kathy Broyard

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