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Magic Carpet Lecture - Kat Epple

“Around the World with Flutes.” 
Composer, flutist, and storyteller, Kat Epple, will transport the audience to exotic locales, with a treasure trove of indigenous flutes that she has collected from her extensive travels around the world. This concert/talk includes a discussion of the music of various cultures, how music affects us, her work as a composer for tv and film, and some of her amazing musical adventures, as she performs on a variety of interesting flutes made of wood, silver, tin, bamboo, and bone.


“This is definitely not a flute recital! It is fun, interesting, informative, and sometimes hilarious!”



“Music of the Calusa”

This presentation includes “Calusa-inspired” music and a talk about these ancient indigenous people who lived in Southwest Florida for many generations. The music is created on native instruments based on the written descriptions by the Spaniards who arrived in Southwest Florida in the 1500s, when Pedro Menendez D'Aviles met Chief Calos. Kat’s instruments are made of materials that would have been available to the Calusa at that time in history, and that are similar to the musical instruments that were played by neighboring tribes. These “Calusa-Inspired” instruments include conch-shell horn, cane flute, voice, bird-bone flute, shells and wooden percussion. 


This short presentation can also be incorporated in the “Around the World with Flutes” presentation.



About the musician:

Emmy and Peabody Award-winning musician, Kat Epple, has performed at the NY Metropolitan Museum of Art, The United Nations, Guggenheim Museums, in concerts around the world, has released 35 music albums, and composes music for television, including "National Geographic", PBS, CNN, "Nova", Travel Channel, and Valentino Fashions. 

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