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Kat Epple in her recording studio

Photo by Ed Chappell

Music for Flim and Television scores by Kat Epple

Emmy and Peabody Award-winning composer and producer Kat Epple, specializes in custom music for feature-length films, dramatic films, reality TV, and documentary films, for NBC, ABC, BBC, National Geographic, PBS NOVAThe Travel Channel, Metropolitan Museum of Art, NASA, Carl Sagan Productions, and The History Channel, among others. (see partial list of credits below).  Kat scores music to picture, or to script, using keyboard, digital orchestration, synthesizers, World Flutes, and other acoustic instruments In her Fort Myers, Florida-based recording studio.  Music library is also available.


Her dramatic and provocative scores include a range of styles, moods and instrumentation, including orchestral, native world flutes, dramatic, atmospheric, new age, ambient, historical period, children's music, space music, electronic, nature, video games, animation, and more.

Video on left: "Escampaba: The Kingdom of Carlos" directed by Theresa Schober

Music by Kat Epple

  • "Killing Eve" - BBC 2020

  • "SETI: Is There Anybody Out There?" PBS Nova Hosted by Lili Tomlin

  • “Legend of the Giant Dinosaurs” - Hong Kong Science Museum -2013

  • “Captiva Island” feature-length film starring Ernest Bourgnine - 1995


  • CNN- “Voyager”  Hosted by Carl Sagan and Sidney Poitier

  • "Shelter for the Bloodstained Soul" feature-length Horror film 2016

  • Basketball Wives - MTV Reality Show

Video by The Venus Project

Music by Kat Epple

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