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Music Featured on "Killing Eve"


“Flight of the Raven” by Emerald Web is featured on the AMC/BBC award-winning hit tv series “Killing Eve” starring Sandra Oh and Jodie Comer. Originally from the album “Dragon Wings and Wizard Tales” by Emerald Web, the show uses the intro segment of the song which features synthesizer, vocal, and Lyricon.
Season 3 Episode 4: premiered May 3, 9PM on BBC America and AMC, and is currently available for streaming.
Description of the scene: Carolyn goes upstairs and lies on her bed after arguing with Geraldine.

Lyrics start "Dark Bird Flies above the land of dreams...."


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Other happenings:

Featured on the hit BBC television series, "Killing Eve", this song “Flight of the Raven” (intro section), from the “Dragon Wings and Wizard Tales” album by Emerald Web, was originally released on vinyl in 1979 and was the duo's first album. This golden era electronic music with a fantasy theme features vintage analog synthesizers, flutes, ethereal female vocals, acoustic instruments, and Lyricon.

Read News-Press Article  May 2, 2020

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