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Music/Kat Epple & Nathan Dyke

Elemental Circuitry - 2015

Elemental Circuitry - 2015
by Kat Epple and Nathan Dyke

The music takes the listener around the world and beyond, with an unusual array of acoustic instruments and ethereal synthesizers including World flutes, Australian Didgeridoo, Djembe drum, Ngoni African harp, Bawu, other native instruments, and electronic instruments.

Nathan Dyke is a multi-instrumentalist, specializing in percussion, didgeridoo, Ngoni and a variety of other world music instruments.  He teaches drumming workshops, has recorded numerous CDs, practices energy-sound healing and studies native culture and ceremony. Nathan Dyke is a co-founder of World Fusion Classroom: Arts & Cultural Enrichment Portal: "Online Schooling Made Fun."

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