Film Credits

The Venus Project 1994

Welcome to the Future1998

Cities in the Sea - The Venus Project - 2002

Self-erecting Structures - 2002

WWF “Smackdown” 

Images of Knowing (Metropolitan Natural History Museum)

Can the Next President Win the Space Race? PBS Nova

The World I See from A to Z - Imaginarium Hosted by Dick Smothers

Domain of the Calusa - Florida Natural History Museum

Worldwide Peace Marker Project

The Nature Conservancy

Inside Information: The Brain and How It Works - 1992

A to Z Life - 2009

Breakthrough - 2011

The Brain Initiative (The Science Network) - 2013

“Extinction” - Hong Kong Science Museum - 2013

Exploratorium Museum, San Francisco

The Nazi Plan to Bomb New York City - History Channel

Art of the Olympians  - Main Sail Productions -PBS- hosted by Peggy Fleming

Art of the Cyclades - PBS American Natural History Museum

Out of the Ashes-  Holocaust Museum

Expressions - PBS

Another World -NBC

Guiding Light - CBS

Nature Conservancy 

WWE Smackdown

Fendi Fashions 2015

California Academy of Sciences film, "Flipside Science" 

Discover Cape Coral - Gale Bennett Productions

In Search of Mary - Dreamtime Entertainment

Pope John Paul - Dreamtime Entertainment

Set Sail - Long John Productions

"Shadows and Reflections: Florida's Lost People"

The Choice is Ours - The Venus Project  2015

The Addicted Brain  - California Stories - KCET 1987

The Sexual Brain - California Stories - KCET 1987

The Natural Splendors of Florida - America the Beautiful Productions

Food for Thought - KCET - 1990

Guatemala - Mi Refugio -Long John Productions

The Key Marco Expedition - Florida Historical Society 1996

The Redesign of a Culture - The Venus Project 1994

California Images Hi-Fi for the Eyes - Pilot Video Productions - KCET

Stella Farwell’s “Journey to the Poles” - Farst/Bottinelli 

Long John’s Journal 1989

National Geographic - Voyager - Carl Sagan

Fat City - KCET 1990

Inside Information - KCET

Time of Our Lives - KCET

Children of the Fourth World - PBS - Hosted by Ali MacGraw

Six Mile Cypress Slough - Main Sail Productions

“Take Five” KCET

Together to Mars - KCET

California Stories - “Dreams” 1988

The Bailey Shell Museum - Main Sail Productions

Morrison Planetarium - San Francisco

Music Videos

Photonos - 

Crystal  Miracles - 

Sights and Sounds of a New Age - Emerald Web -Video City Productions - 1987

Opus Florida

By a Thread - Devin Townsend Project Live in London 2011

Music of the Spheres - DefMEDIA and Kat Epple Productions

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