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Kat's Live Music Ensembles

Kat Epple performs in concert around the world. (Watch here)

Solo flute

As a Solo flautist, Kat's music creates a beautiful, celestial ambiance on classical flute, bass flute, Native American flute, and various flutes from around the world. The solo flute sound is perfect acoustically or with sound amplification, when a soft, elegant background is desired, or as a truly unique sound on the concert stage.


Sonic Combine

In concert, the band ”Sonic Combine" performs on custom audio sculptures, synthesizers, World Flutes, Electronic Wind Instruments, and Theremin. They became known as the “Bob Rauschenberg Studio House Band”, and sometimes Rauschenberg himself joined in playing on their unique instruments.  Together, they create an abstract sound that is not always musical, sometimes discordant, regularly beautiful, often powerful, and truly interesting. 

Flute and Harp

This duet creates original instrumental music with New Age, Celtic, celestial, light jazz, and classical influences for a soft background ambiance, wedding ceremony, or concert hall.


World Music Duo - “Anthropology Band”

Kat Epple, World Flutist, and Nathan Dyke, World Percussionist, take the listener on a musical journey across borders and world cultures, with their treasure trove of unique instruments from around the globe.


Smooth Jazz Band

 This World Fusion/Smooth Jazz ensemble creates a unique, artsy, atmosphere with their light jazz original instrumental sound. The ensemble includes flute, drums, bass, and keyboard or harp.


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