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Live Performance

Solo Flautist

Kat Epple has performed music at the Guggenheim Museums, New York Metropolitan Museum of Art, The United Nations, Palazzo dei Diamanti, Italy, National Gallery, London’s Union Chapel, Naples Winter Wine Festival, with The Merce Cunningham Dance Company, and for many art openings.  For twenty years, legendary visual artist, Robert Rauschenberg commissioned her to perform at his art openings internationally.  In addition to her work as a solo artist, she currently performs and records with The Devin Townsend Project, Emerald Web, Sonic Combine, and Anthropology Band. She often travels the world collecting flutes from other cultures which she features in her original compositions and performances.

Kat Epple performs in concert around the world, as a solo artist, a lecturer/storyteller, and with her different music ensembles.

Kat Epple flutes-presentation
Kat Epple concert at StMichaels
Solo Flute Demo - Kat Epple


As a Solo flautist, Kat's music creates a beautiful, celestial ambiance as the sound of the various flutes seems to waft and float from canyon walls, to the rainforest, to a cool Celtic stream, as she performs on classical flute, bass flute, Native American flute, and various flutes from around the world. The solo flute sound is perfect acoustically or with sound amplification, when a soft, elegant background is desired, or as a truly unique sound on the concert stage.


She has traveled to the far reaches of the globe including Asia, Africa, Russia, The Amazon, Europe, Madagascar, India, to learn of the people, natural environment, and the music of other cultures. She uses music in her work toward environmental and humanitarian awareness, and has amassed a large collection of flutes from cultures around the world, which she features in her original compositions.

... simple, heartfelt, atmospheric and extremely beautiful.

"Andy Garibaldi (Dead Earnest"), (Essex, UK)


Photos by Lee Horton, Ivan Seligman, Kat Epple,  and unknown.

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