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Music/Emerald Web

Catspaw (Remastered and Bonus Tracks) - 2015

(Remastered and Bonus Tracks) - 2015


Classic electronic/ambient New Age music blending vintage synthesizers, Lyricon, and flutes. Includes music originally released in 1986, and previously unreleased music by the legendary Space Music band, Emerald Web.


Although it was originally recorded in 1986, the music stands the test of time, with its mixture of innovative synthesizers, acoustic instruments, and magical sonic landscapes.


“Catspaw” was originally released by “The Audion Recording Company”, Larry Fast’s legendary electronic music label, which featured some of the finest electronic musicians in the world. “Catspaw” was Emerald Web’s eighth of eighteen albums to date.


The bonus tracks on this collection, consist of previously unreleased music by Emerald Web, and was recorded in their Berkeley, California studio during that same era 1984-1986. The original master tapes were recently discovered in the Emerald Web archives.


The music duo, Emerald Web, recorded, performed in Planetariums, composed soundtracks for Carl Sagan, and concert toured around the US, from 1978-1990.  The band consisted of Emmy Award-winning musicians, Kat Epple and Bob Stohl, who played synthesizers, keyboards, Lyricon Wind Instrument, flutes, and other acoustic instruments on their albums, and in live performance.

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