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Dragon Wings and Wizard Tales - 1979

Dragon Wings and Wizard Tales - 1979

Golden era electronic music with a fantasy theme features vintage analog synthesizers, flutes, ethereal female vocals, acoustic instruments, and Lyricon. This enchanting album, Emerald Web's first of a total of fourteen albums, was one of the earliest albums to be included in the “Space Music” genre. This classic album has a  haunting experimental quality.  When it was recorded in 1978, these synths were “state of the art” technology, and the original reel-to-reel master tapes were meticulously restored and archived for this album. It was an early seminal precursor to 1980s electronic new-age/minimal synth/relaxation music boom and a welcome feminine take on the genre, as it features the multi-instrumentalist duo (Kat Epple and Bob Stohl) combining a broad range of modular synths, as found in similar formation to ambient Krautrock records. The song "Flight of the Raven" is used as a music theme for "Killing Eve" and "Hollywood Love Stories" television series.

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