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Dragon Wings and Wizard Tales - 1979

Dragon Wings and Wizard Tales - 1979


Golden era electronic music with a fantasy theme features vintage analog synthesizers, flutes, ethereal female vocals, acoustic instruments, and Lyricon. This enchanting album, Emerald Web's first of a total of fourteen albums, was one of the earliest albums to be included in the “Space Music” genre. This classic album has a  haunting experimental quality.  When it was recorded in 1978, these synths were “state of the art” technology, and the original reel-to-reel master tapes were meticulously restored and archived for this album. It was an early seminal precursor to 1980s electronic new-age/minimal synth/relaxation music boom and a welcome feminine take on the genre, as it features the multi-instrumentalist duo (Kat Epple and Bob Stohl) combining a broad range of modular synths, as found in similar formation to ambient Krautrock records. The song "Flight of the Raven" is used as the music theme for "Hollywood Love Story" television series on Viceland TV.

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